Compounds & Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patiens with compounded prescriptions may call En Soleil Pharmacy at 805-460-9600 to request refills.

When you and your doctor decide that regularly manufactured, off-the-shelf medicine just will not meet your needs, it is time for a pharmacist to make special medicine just for you.  This is called compounded medicine.


When medicine is compounded just for you, good things can happen.  That's why Pain Management Pharmacy works hard to make your custom-tailored medicine to your doctor's exact specifications.  Our methods are even checked by an independent laboratory who makes sure our products are accurate and correct.  You can count on Pain Mangement Pharmacy to deliver just what your doctor orders.


Because specialized compounded medicine takes time to make and because your doctor will often make adjustments to the formula to get it just right, you may not be able to pick up some kinds of compounds right away.  Please be prepared to give us a day or two notice ahead of time when you order a compounded medication.


Some of our specially compounded medicines include:

  *Hormone Replacement Creams

              for women or men

   *Mouthwashes for Chemotherapy Patients or

               patient with other mouth problems

   *Anti-Nausea Gel that often works as fast as an

              injection without the needle

   *Anti-Constipation liquid for chronic pain patients

   *Specially formulated pain medications

   *Sugar-free lozenges for chronic pain patients



   *Pain medicine with less Tylenol/Acetaminophen